JanataShikshanPrasarakMandal has been established as a registered society in 1960. The institution was found with the inspiration of Late, Ex. chief Minister of Maharashtra State with joint efforts of Late BabasahebNaik, Late Shri. DeoraojiPatilChondikar, Late Shri, AnnasahebDeshmukh and Late Shri. Shri. SudhakarraojiNaik, Ex. Chief. Minister of Mahrashtra State & Governor of Himachal Pradesh. The institution started at Pusad with the aim to provide eucational facilities to the community. The town Pusad is only 45 Kms. away from the town of Mahur which is one of the Shakti Peeths that stands amongs the green hills in the district Nanded with its rich religious, political and eucational background

The institution has started its work of catering education by opening PhulsingNaikMahavidyalaya on 20th June 1961. At present the institution is recognized as a versatile institution and actively participating in educational. social and cultural development activities in the state of Mahrashtra


The executive body formulates policies for all matters including Academics, Campus development, Administration and Finance including resource generation. The members of executive body have outstanding achievements, in the fields of Eduction. Industry business and Administration. The executive body is given as below:


Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Shri. Jai S. Naik President
2 Shri. Manoharrao R. Naik Secretary
3 Dr. N. P. Hirani Member
4 Adv. G. K. Soni Member
5 Shri. Deepak S. Asegaonkar Member
6 Shri. Vijay D. Patil Chondhikar Member
7 Shri. Suresh M. Jadhav Member
8 Shri. Anil M. Naik Member
9 Shri. Nevin B. Hirani Member

Objectives of Organization:

The Janata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal aims at promoting the whole personality so that totality of human excellence is achieved in the development of Soul, Spirit and Body and be the torch bearers in the world.