Research & Development

The college is actively engaged in research & development. Our aim is to promote research activities in teacher as well as in students. A research committee is formed to facilitate and monitor research activities. The committee mobilizes & supervises all the research related activities. It motivates the faculty to undertake research projects, to present research papers & publish research articles. Two minor research projects are completed. Furthermore three faculty members have got Doctorates since last accreditation and one more have registered to do Ph.D. and one has submitted the thesis to get Ph.D. Participation of students in research activities is promoted by encouraging them to participate in conferences / seminars / symposia held in parent college & the other colleges in vicinity.

Major decisions taken during the committee meetings include:
  • Motivating the faculty to go for more number of research projects.
  • Motivating the faculty to apply for getting the recognition of Ph.D. guides.
  • To inspire eligible faculty to undertake post doctoral research.
  • To encourage faculty for publishing books & research articles in recognized National & International journals.
  • To recommend library department to subscribe to the recognized National & International journals.