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Our Vision

"Our Institute visualizes women empowerment with high quality education along with Indian ethics, human and constitutional values. We aim to equip the learners with information, knowledge and skills that enable them to handle with the challenges at various levels in the fields of teaching, research and employment at the competitive global level"

Our Mission

“To cater the higher academic needs especially to rural and marginalized women community with a mission to make them socially respectful that shackles majority of the students of their backwardness and guides them to mainstream education. ”
“To direct the mind of the young women generation so as to engage in the task of nation building aimed to provide the nation with an honest, hardworking and dedicated workforce that can transform India into sustainable knowledge society.”


  1. To develop the social and technical skills in women for living and working in the modern world and are flexible with career opportunities.

  2. To provide academic excellence to create belief in self as a woman by empowering them.

  3. To refine values of citizenship through civic sense, public conduct, leadership, rights and responsibilities.

  4. To inspire the students in becoming the best citizens of India by developing spirit of patriotism and nationalism

Notice Board

Educate your mother, daughter, sister and wife, you'll never be alone in your strife.

Shri Sudhakarrao Naik

Shri Jai Sudhakarrao Naik

Off. Principal
Dr. Vandana Wankhede